Longlesson Angus Beef:
Cuts and Cooking tips
BURGER (GROUND BEEF): Longlesson Angus Burger has fans all over the northeast! Our ground beef is excellent for burgers, meat loaf, meat balls, and chlli. Because our beef is solely grass fed, you will find very little fat in the pan, but the burgers are juicy and tasty. Grass-fed burger can be grilled or used in sauces, stir-fry, and casseroles. We also sell ground round (extra lean), for use in sauces and casseroles, but do not recommend it for grilling as it has very little fat and may be dry.

SPECIAL CUTS: liver, heart, kidneys and tongue are available, but aren’t usually taken to the Farmers Markets. If you desire some, please e-mail us and we will bring it along.

FOR OUR PUPPY FRIENDS, we also offer PUPPIES FAVORITE LIVER BROWNIES, a dog training treat made with our own liver, oatmeal, and eggs. Dogs love them! Beef bones in assorted sizes are also available and can be used for soup stock or canine chew toys.