ROSE FOLLY (Mason 2017) 06-52
ROSE FOLLY (Mason, M. 2017) 06-52
Tet Dormant 30” Mid-Late 5.75” (Rose Electra x Love in the Library)
“Rose Folly” earned a right to introduction by producing odd cresting on the mid-ribs. This is not a double, as the pistil and stamens are normal. Not every flower is crested, and the cresting does not usually occur on all three mid-ribs. But indeed, the “plain” ruffled rose pink flowers with bright yellow to green throats are extremely lovely. Easy opening, extremely hardy and vigorous, and pod and pollen fertile. This daylily quickly makes a sizeable clump, and although bud count is not especially high (3-4 way branching and 15+ buds) the number of scapes guarantees a lovely show for a long period. Because of the inconsistent cresting, the introduction price has been kept low. $50 df.

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