Borderline Crazy (Mason M. 2004)
(Grape Soda x Silent Sentry) Dor 22" L 6" , four-way branching and 24 buds
Borderline Crazy
This flashy cranberry rose has wide petals and sepals, and always opens flat. There's a bit of a watermark and an attractive gold throat. Petal edges are white and gold, and have bubbles, beads and knobs galore, very fancy. Sepals don't have the added bells and whistles, but boast a narrow white edge. In truth, the petals are so wide, you can barely find the sepals. I'd like the plant to be taller, but flowers are held nicely at the tip top of the foliage, and always face up and out. BORDERLINE CRAZY has a relatively formal appearance in the garden. Coming into bloom about two weeks after peak, it spans the bloom period between mid-late and very late. Easily pod and pollen fertile, and very vigorous.