GRAND FUNK (Mason, M. 2013)
Grand Funk

GRAND FUNK (Mason, M. 2013) 07-35
Tet Dormant 36” Mid 6” Unusual form, crispate
Rosy orchid with deeper purple eye and veining, nicely quilled sepals, 3-4 way branching and 15-20 buds, ‘Grand Funk’ is a great addition to anyone’s collection of unusual forms. But it fares well in a mixed perennial garden, bearing a bounty of bright attractive blooms that create a focal point, but work well with other perennials. ‘Grand Funk’ illustrates the nice results I’ve gotten from the combination of Bob Schwarz’s daylilies with my own. Easy pods. ([Astral Voyager x Spoons for Escargot] X Funky Monkey.

Grand Funk - Scape