Harriet Mooradian (Mason M. 2003)
*HARRIET MOORADIAN (Mason, M. '03) Dor 25" L 6"
Harriet Mooradian
Harriet is a friend, and a Founding Mother of our Hudson Adirondack Daylily Society. Just as Harriet can be relied upon to greet newcomers, get out the newsletter, and maintain order among chaos, so too the daylily HARRIET MOORADIAN brings consistency and order to the garden. A tailored rich blue-purple with a consistent white edge on all segments, and a chartreuse throat, this daylily is sunfast here at the farm, multiplies well, is pod and pollen fertile, and begins blooming around the second week in August. Three way branching and 15 buds. (Gothic Window x Midsummer Nightingale)