Jacob's Pillow (Mason M. 2008)
*JACOB'S PILLOW (Mason, M. '08) Dormant 38" L 6"
Jacob's Pillow spacer

With all the hoo-hah over ruffles, chicken fat, angels' wings, patterns and picotees, you'd think a "plain" polychrome flower might not have much appeal. But this one has garnered more interest at the farm than many "fancier" flowers. A tall pastel pink and cream blend, with white mid-ribs and great chartreuse green throat that holds all day, it is tall and elegant and shines in the August garden. Three-four way branching and 22 buds on average. While registered at 6", first flowers are often larger. (Maid of the Meadows x Mabou).  

Jacob's Pillow scape