Lake Tear Of The Clouds (Mason M. 2010)
*LAKE TEAR OF THE CLOUDS (Mason, M. '10) Tet Dormant 28" EM 5.5"
Lake Tear Of The Clouds
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Lake Tear of the Clouds is the headwaters of the Hudson River, a mere pond, actually, on the slopes of Mount Marcy in the Adirondacks. The name was given it by a surveyor, the first on record to view the "Tear." Verplanck Colvin wrote, "Far above the chilly waters of Lake Avalanche at an elevation of 4,293 feet lies summit water, a minute, unpretending tear of the clouds, a lovely pool shivering in the breezes of the mountains and sending it's limpid surplus through Feldspar Brook to the Opalescent River, the well-spring of the Hudson."

LAKE TEAR OF THE CLOUDS indeed does resemble a shivering, shimmering pool of pale lavender-pink surrounded by the fuchsia-purple mountains. The striking watermark is centered by a yellow then green throat. 3-way branching and 15 buds. ([Evening Enchantment x Earth Music] X Valuable Asset)