Longlesson Liberty Belle (Mason, M. 2002)
*LONGLESSON LIBERTY BELLE (Mason, M. 2002) Dor 35" ML 6.5"
Longlesson Liberty Belle
This is one of the most striking daylilies I've ever grown. There’s something about the color combination of the rose-pink petals, the lemon-gold watermark, and the extremely green throat that really grabs the garden visitor. "Belle" inherits branching and bud count from her pollen parent, Techny Peach Lace, as well as a later bloom time. She tends to be a bouquet bloomer, opening several flowers at once. This reduces the total bloom period, but makes her a real garden stand-out for about three weeks. Gold edges are on both sides of the family, and I suspect "Belle" would be a super daylily to cross with southern edges. (Festal Banner x Techny Peach Lace).