Longlesson Amber Waves (Mason M. 1998)
*LONGLESSON AMBER WAVES (Mason '98) Dor 28" M 6"
Longlesson Amber Waves
LONGLESSON AMBER WAVES was an early venture into hybridizing bright colors. At the time it was registered, I was a bit disturbed by the tendency of the sepals to quill. Since then, I've found this quilling more and more attractive. I allowed L. AMBER WAVES to form a clump last year, and hybridized with it extensively. I found it easily set pods, and now have some seeds with some of Bob Schwarz's beauties waiting to be planted. This is a bright medium orange daylily with excellent 3-4 way branching and bud count of over 20. Although the quilling isn't sufficient for it to be registered as a UFO, I expect it to produce some healthy vigorous unusual forms when crossed with other crispates.