Lyrical Ballad (Mason M. 2004)
*LYRICAL BALLAD (Mason, M. '04) (Celestial City x Miss Aloha)
Dor 28" E-ML 6.5", three-four way branching and 20-25 buds
Lyrical Ballad
There's never enough good lavenders to go around, and this one adds a lot to the early bloom season. It's one of the first non-yellows to bloom in our farm gardens, and amazed visitors by staying in bloom from Fourth of July weekend through closing on August 15th. The last flowers of rebloom scapes finished on Labor Day weekend. Flowers are triangular, and the color is a clean lavender. There's an eye zone that is a smooth smoky orchid. This is a very vigorous grower, and propagates easily. It would be suitable for massing in a semi-shaded place, but the flowers are completely sunfast. LYRICAL BALLAD combines the work of Munson and Moldovan into a great northern hardy daylily. It continues my series of plants named after Saratoga establishments. Lyrical Ballad is a well known antiquarian book store in town, located in the vaults of an old bank building. It, like its daylily namesake is a true treasure. Easily fertile both ways.