Mabou (Mason M. 2003)
*MABOU (pronounced ma-BOO) (Mason M. '03) Dor 30" ML 6"
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MABOU received an A.H.S. Honorable Mention Award in 2008

This may be the best daylily Iíve introduced to date. It's a rich fuchsia purple with a pale rose watermark, very green throat and a well-defined gold edge. Every flower from first to last is consistently beautiful. Foliage is a rich blue-green, scapes are impeccable with 4-way branching and 25-30 buds. In addition, it is sinfully pod and pollen fertile, and has a long bloom period. It is the second daylily I've named for a store in Saratoga Springs. Mabou, the store, sells beautiful and exotic home furnishings from around the world, and MABOU, the daylily seemed well suited to share the name. Both capture your eye and your imagination. 4 way branching, 25+ buds (Gothic Window x Seminole Wind)
Photo courtesy of: Julie Covington