Mrs. London's Apricot Tart (Mason M. 2003)
*MRS. LONDONíS APRICOT TART (Mason M. '03) Dor 27" M 6"
Mrs. London's Apricot Tart HM

MRS. LONDON'S APRICOT TART received an A.H.S. Honorable Mention Award in 2009

If you venture to Saratoga Springs, you'll discover a local treasure trove, Mrs. London's. Mrs. London's is the American equivalent of a French "patisserie" and "boulangerie" rolled into one. For years we locals have appreciated delicious freshly baked breads and pastries, artfully presented, and offered along with the seductive aromas only a bakery can produce. MRS. LONDON'S APRICOT TART delights the senses as well with a delicate presentation of pastel apricot, strawberry halo and lime throat, and a soft fragrance that daylily connoisseurs will appreciate. Splashy white mid-ribs accent each flower. Up to 5 way branching, 30+ buds (Hazel x Sherry Lane Carr)