Never Too Late (Mason M. 2010)
*NEVER TOO LATE (Mason, M. '10) Tet Dormant 26" L-VL 5"
Never Too Late spacer

When is too late? For us in "Tundra Territory" September bloom is too late. Night temperatures are too low to allow the flowers to open well, and colors tend to wash out. Still, NEVER TOO LATE is an amazing late bloomer, quite different from the usual yellows and golds. First flowers open between August 10 and August 21 here. With 3-4 way branching and 20+ buds, bloom will continue as long as temperatures allow. Garnet purple bitone with pink watermark and bubbly white-gold edge. (Royal Braid x Time Warp)   

* NEVER TOO LATE was divided in August and should be double fans, but some divisions may be single.

Never Too Late