One Two Kangaroo (Mason M. 2000)
*ONE TWO KANGAROO (Mason, M. 2000) Dor 28" EM 4"
(Bahama Butterscotch X El Desperado
One Two Kangaroo
This little guy ought to have been named after the Energizer Bunny. It just goes and goes and goes and goes. Thirty to thirty-five buds to a scape and five-way branching are only part of the story. It seems to send up its scapes over a long period, so even when the earliest scapes are bloomed out, new flowers are coming on later ones. ONE TWO KANGAROO bloomed from early July to mid-August at the farm. Color is a soft orange and the eye is a rosy burgundy. Very fertile either way, nice plant habit, and quite vigorous.