Peaches And Pomegranate (Mason M. 2008)
*PEACHES AND POMEGRANATE (Mason, M. '08) Dormant 24" ML 7"
Peaches And Pomegranatespacer

Combining my 'Candlelight and Cabernet' ith lines from Moldovan and Sellers resulted in the bicolor PEACHES AND POMEGRANATE, a ruffled deep pomegranate purple with pale rose-peach sepals, and the added attraction of a darker plum eye and accent veining. Another feature is that the petal borders lighten and show a white to gold edge. Although I would like this one to be taller, I think it provides a new direction for bicolors, and am using it with unusual forms and patterned eyes as well. ((Midsummer Nightingale x Step Ahead) x Candlelight and Cabernet).