Pinkle-Purr (Mason, M. 2002)
*PINKLE-PURR (Mason, M. 2002) Dor 25" L 3.5"
Pinkle Purr
Pinkle-Purr is probably my favorite of this year's introductions. What's not to love about this flower? It's wonderfully round and ruffled, always opens well, has a fantastic scape with 4-5 way branching and loads of buds, and it's lightly fragrant. The color is clear as a bell without a hint of peach, and soft as a kitten's fur. My three year old clump was magnificent. No eye to complicate things, and a tiny green throat. Not a big flower, but the proportions of this daylily are exactly right. (President Hadley x Seminole Wind).