Screen Saver (Mason M. 2000)
*SCREEN SAVER (Mason, M. 2000) Sev 22" ML 6"
(Suns Shadow X El Desperado)
Screen Saver
The double picotee is the front page headline here. The flower is a nice sunny yellow with a burgundy eye and a burgundy picotee completely surrounded by a cream one. This is a bit like a double border in a newspaper ad, and really causes the flower to jump out at you. SCREEN SAVER shows a bit of green late in the year, so is registered as semi-evergreen. Nevertheless, it's handled our -30 deg. winters at the farm without a blink. Branching is 3-4 way, with many scapes. Bud count runs 15-20. With all the rainfall this past season, SCREEN SAVER rebloomed at the farm, and might be expected to do so consistently in slightly warmer climes. Fertile both ways.