Sloop Clearwater (Mason M. 2010)
*SLOOP CLEARWATER (Mason, M. '10) Tet Dormant 29" ML 6"
Sloop Clearwaterspacer

Forty years ago, the Hudson River was a nightmare of pollution. Pete Seegar and some environmentally conscious friends got together to build a sailing ship in the style of the 18th and 19th century river sloops that plied the Hudson. The Sloop Clearwater was launched in 1969, and through educational programs has been instrumental in the Hudson River's amazing turn-around. The Clearwater continues to sail the Hudson, and has become a beloved symbol of the river and the need to protect our nation's waterways. Fifty percent of the sales of SLOOP CLEARWATER will be donated to preserving the Clearwater and in turn educating more people about the river, its history, and the need to care for our heritage. More at:

SLOOP CLEARWATER is a "white sails" daylily, clean white with pristine green foliage. Not many frills, but 3-4 way branching, excellent green throat, and 23 buds. Opens white first thing in the morning. ([Candid Camera x Admiralís Braid] X Eskimo Island)  

Sloop Clearwater