Sugarplum Taffy (Mason M. 2003)
*SUGARPLUM TAFFY (Mason M. '03) tet Dor 33" M 5"
Sugarplum Taffy
This daylily reminds me of my childhood vacations to the Jersey shore, with soft sea breezes, miniature golf, and saltwater taffy. The taffys were all the palest of pastels, and a variety of fruit flavors, each equally delicious. This flower is not pink enough for strawberry, but too pastel for grape. If there is a sugarplum taffy, this would be it! In a clump, SUGARPLUM TAFFY is one of the blooming-est daylilies on the farm. My three year old clump had over 15 scapes, most with 4-5 way branching and 30 buds. Palest lavender-pink with a washed orchid eye and very green throat. Plants are very vigorous, and flowers hold beautifully all day long in full sun. Pollen is okay, pods are difficult. (Royal Braid x Time Warp)