Talia Jordan (Mason M. 2000)
*TALIA JORDAN (Mason, M. 2000) Sev 28" M 5.5"
(Purple Storm X Pink Cotton Candy)
Talia Jordan Our first grand-child’s namesake, TALIA JORDAN is simply lovely. It was one of the early selections from a full field of seedlings and has remained one of my favorites. With none of the muddiness of some eyed pinks and a clear distinct eye and picotee, this flower is certain to provide a bright spot in the garden and an easy plant to work into the border. The base color is a clean pale pink, and the eye and picotee verge on purple. Strong substance and rebloom this past year are additional pluses. Bud count is 20 and branching is 3-4 way. Listed as semi-evergreen due to a little green remaining in late fall, but very hardy and vigorous in zone 4.