The Full Monty (Mason M. 2000)
*The Full Monty (Mason, M. 2000) Sev 28" ML 7"
(seedling X Song of Africa)
The Full Monty Song of Africa has proven to be an exemplary parent for big, vigorous, hardy flowers with great sturdy scapes. Taken to a pink seedling, it produced THE FULL MONTY, a humongous ruffled fuchsia rose of commanding presence. Bud count of 15 and well-spaced 3 way branching allow the 7 inch flowers to open fully without interference. Lots of scapes and great vigor insure a long bloom season. THE FULL MONTY begins blooming in late July, just as the season begins to wane up here in the north, and never fails to garner oohs and ahs from our garden visitors.  

THE FULL MONTY received an
A.H.S. Honorable Mention Award in 2010