Tiger On Stilts (Mason M. 2003)
*TIGER ON STILTS (Mason M. '03) Dor 42" ML 5"
Tiger On Stilts
TIGER ON STILTS received an
A.H.S. Honorable Mention Award in 2010

I wasn't especially aiming for tall flowers when I made this cross, but when I got one, I was more than pleased. At 42", TIGER ON STILTS is tall enough to qualify for a back of the border plant. With it's vigor and panache, it could hold it's own with ornamental grasses. The color is a nice tangerine-coral blend that speaks up, but doesn't scream. A red eye, gold to avocado throat and piecrust ruffling complete the picture. With the added height come wide spread 5-way branching and easily over 30 buds per scape. This daylily has a very long bloom season. (Sun's Shadow x Don Stevens)   Held for increase.