Catalog 2020

Catalog A to F
DaylilyHybridizerYearTet/dipDormancyHeightSeasonFlower SizeDescriptionSelling Price
A TOUCH OF SHERRYMason, M.2011tetDor30ML5.5"pastel peach with white midribs and very green throat, EMO, 3-4 way branching, 18+ buds15
ABIDING LOVERood, T.2006tetSev36ML5.5"pink lavender blend with deeper rose edge and cream mid-ribs15
ABOVE THE SALTMason, M.1998tetDor26ML5.5"good white with gold edge, excellent scape, vigorous25
ADENA ALIASDerrow, M2012tetEv28M5.5"pastel cream and melon with heavy gold edge15
ADENA INFERNODerrow, M2013dipDor26EM4.5"vibrant orange with triangular red eye25
ADENA PATTERN FLATTERERDerrow, M2017dipDor25E6.5"light flesh pink with huge glowing green throat50
ADIRONDACK FIRE BREATHERMason, M2019tetDor37ML6"recurved triangular cherry red with wide gold throat. 4-way branching, 25+ buds50
ADIRONDACK TRUSTMason, M.2005tetSev26ML5.75"very ruffled round yellow with irregular cinnamon dusting, very green throat.15
AEGEAN WINDHanson, C.2006tetSev36ML7"soft lavender pink bicolor with cream yellow sepals.20
AGAINST THE WINDMason, M.2011tetDor31EM4.5"very blue lavender with deeper lavender band, wide white to lemon to green throat..20
ALASKAN MIDNIGHTPorter1991tetDor32E6"black purple with bright green throat10
ALBERTA CLIPPERMason, M.2003tetDor25ML6"ruffled white with chartreuse throat. Great foliage15
ALL ABOUT PINKMason, M.2013tetDor30ML5"clear pink bitone/ green throat, etched rose halo and watermark. 5-way branching and 35 budsSold Out
AMANDA'S FRENCH TOASTMason, M.2019tetDor29ML5"ruffled sienna red with gold throat, near black eye, 4-way branching, 18 buds50
AMILIA SOFIAShaw, S.2005tetSev31M5"rose pink w/ light edge, unusual bloom in early season10
ANCIENT ELFGossard, J.2007tetDor56M4"golden yellow unusual form10
ANGELIC FILIGREEMason, M.2015tetDor30ML6.5"lavender with orchid eye and prominent white filigree edge, 4-way branching and 20 buds25
ANGUS PRIDEMason, M.2006tetSev26ML5"sunfast velvety black-purple with orange throat.50
ANNABELLE ROSE JANSSENSHarwood2000dipSev24L4.5"lavender rose with eye and lavender watermark15
ANNIVERSARY LACECulver, B.2006tetSev31ML6.5"heavily ruffled cream yellow with fringed gold edge15
APACHE WAR DANCEThomas1994tetDor30ML5.5"scarlet red with darker eyezone. Superb daylily.15
APHRODITE'S NIGHTYSchwarz, B.2006tetDor43M6"cream with a pink blush and chartreuse throat. Open star shape.15
APOLLO'S FIREMoldovan2002tetDor32EM5"butter yellow with strong red eye, excellent scape15
ARIANA CRYSTALRood, K.1998dipDor23M3.75"pink with raspberry halo and green throat15
ARIEL BENJAMINHensley, D.2006tetDor28M5.5"peach-pink-yellow blend with rose band. 3-4 branches15
ARRAYED IN WHITEKorth, P.2007tetDor30M5.5"ruffled cream self25
ASHEVILLE WHITE WINGED DOVESelman2014tetDor27M6"cream-lavender with patterned purple eye and picotee30
ASHWOOD INFERNONorris, R.2010tetSev28M6"rich intense orange, a real screamer25
ASHWOOD SMOKEY JOENorris, R.2005tetSev30M5.25"medium purple with rich purple eye pattern and deep purple ruffles edged in white15
ASHWOOD'S MAGIC CRYSTALNorris, R.2010tetSev36M6.5"yellow gold with 5 way branching and 30 buds20
ASSYRIAN CHARIOTHanson, C1994tetSEv33M5.5"scarlet/wmk/gold edge10
ASTRAL VOYAGERMason, M.2000tetSev31EM6.5"blue lavender with watermark and very green throat. Quilled sepals, unusual form15
ATHENSStelter2015tetSev32ML7"pale lavender with dark violet eye and green throat20
AUGUST WEDDINGKorth, P2004tetDor30M5.75"cream-white with gold edge15
AUNTIE EMHanson, C.2009tetSev27ML5.5"raspberry pink/cream bicolor edged in gold. 3-4 way branching. Fertile20
AUTUMN HERALDMercer, R.1997tetDor22VL5"deep lavender with a light lavender watermark, gorgeous and late!15
BABY DRAGONGossard, J.2012tetDor36M5"dark red with darker eyezone and green throat. Cascade. 3-5 way branching and 32 budsSold Out
BARNEYBenz2005tetDor34M6"ruffed purple with green throat10
BELLA NOVAMason, M.2019tetDor31ML6"bright red with yellow flares forming diamonds on sepals 4-way wide branching50
BENJAMINPickles1998tetDor28EM4.37"deep rose pink with darker eye and picotee10
BIG BETSellers1992tetSev26EM5"bright scarlet red15
BIG GEORGEKrupien1998tetDor35M7"huge bright gold double. A "can't miss" daylily15
BIG HEARTED JIMMason, M.2013tetDor46EM8"rich purple unusual form with black eye and butter yellow throat25
BIG HONKING CARLJones, L2010tetDor37ML7"raspberry red with brushed rose sepals20
BIG HONKING FRENCH KISSESJones, L2010tetDor36EM8"striking orange red with gold to green throat15
BIMINI TWISTSchwarz, B..1999tetDor28ML4"red of extremely variable form, Unique15
BLACKBERRY DRAGONGossard, J.2007tetDor41EM8.5"deep blackberry purple, cascade unusual form.25
BLUE DUDERice, J.2007tetDor29M
6.5"lavender bitone with blue-violet watermark, white mid-ribs, and 3-4 way branching15
BLUSHING ESCAPADENorris, R.2014tetSev43M5.5"rose pink with lighter edge20
BOB'S BABYMason, M.1997tetDor25M5.5"SOLD OUTSold Out
BOLD BANDITShields, J.1998tetDor23ML5"nice wide round purple with near black eye, very distinctive.20
BORDELLO QUEENMason, M.1999tetDor28ML6"pale pink with rose eye and very nice gold edge. Excellent scape10
BOSTON SYMPHONYReilly, P1999dipDor27EM4"very near white with great scape. EXCELLENT!10
BOUNCING GAZELLEHarwood2005dipDor34ML7"rosy purple with lavender watermark20
BOURBON AND BRANCH (LAW x Heman) tall and smallMason, M.2019tetDor41ML4.25"bourbon red-brown with darker eye and gold throat. 4-5 branching and 30 buds50
BRAVO CARUSOMoldovan-Woodhall2011tetDor34M6"clear purple with watermark, gives patterned eyes. 20+ buds, 4-way branching75
BRIANA JOYBalash/Bailey1994tetDor32ML7.75"tangerine/rose bitone with rose eyezone, double10
BRIDGETON BISHOPApps1997tetDor28ML5.5"violet blend with yellow green throat10
BRIDGETON BROCADEApps1997tetDor34ML5.5"light creamy-yellow with green throat. From Angel's Smile10
BRIDGETON CELEBRITYApps1997tetDor25M4.25"light apricot with burgundy eye and edge, ex. branching and bud count15
BRIDGETON FINESSEApps2001tetDor34EM6"cream-purple blend with purple eye and edge.10
BRIDGETON FRINGED FASHIONApps2001tetDor32M5"cream and pink polychrome with yellow-orange fringed edge15
BRIDGETON HALLMARKApps2003tetDor24ML5"red velvet self15
BRIDGETON HEARTTHROBApps2003tetDor35ML4.5"vibrant red self15
BRIDGETON INNER CIRCLEApps2004tetDor22L5"lavender with pale lavender watermark, pencil eye, and white edge25
BRIDGETON INTENSE FLAMEApps2004tetDor37ML5.25"bright orange with orange-red halo and green throat25
BRIDGETON JUBILATIONApps2005tetDor29ML6.5"purple with white edge15
BRIDGETON KEYSTONEApps2006tetDor30M6"gold with hint of pink mid-ribs10
BRIDGETON KINDNESSApps2006tetEv22ML5.5"cream yellow blend with yellow knobby edge20
BRITISH STERLINGMoldovan1990tetSev26M5.5"excellent lavender, great scape.10
BROOKWOOD PINK SOMETIMESSharp1997dipDor24L4"pink blend with green throat10
BUMBLEBEE'S BOUQUETApps1996dipDor20M3.12"light yellow with rose-red eye10
BUSTING OUT ALL OVERSobek2005dipDor27EE3"pale cream with lavender mid-rib15
BUTTER CREAMWhatley1998tetDor28M7"wide-petaled yellow, impressive.Sold Out
BUTTERCUP DAYSMason, M.1998tetDor25EM6"ruffled and fringed buttercup yellow with green throat, pod fertile10
BUTTERMILK PIENorris, R.2012tetSev27EM8"flat ruffled bright yellow with no throat. Reblooms25
CAITLYN MCKENZIEVal-Hanson2006tetSev28M5.5"gold with mauve halo and green throat10
CAJUN TWO-STEPMason, M.2009tetSev28M6"ruffled bright pink reverse bitone with deep pink eye and prominent veiningSold Out
CAMEO GLASSMoldovan2005tetDor26EM4.5"pearly cream pink with rose pink patterned eye. Pinwheel petals.15
CAMEROONS TWISTERBenz2000tetDor40ML7.5"wine purple unusual form with pale watermark and green throat10
CAMSHAFTYost2013tetDor32M5"ruffled rose violet with darker eyezone and edge20
CARMEL DIPAlbers1994dipDor24ML3.5"butterscotch with maroon eye10
CARNIVAL IN MEXICOSanta Lucia2000tetDor30M7"pink with rose veins and red feathered eye15
CASEY JONESMason, M.2006tetSev25M6"bright lemon-gold double, fertile both ways, Excellent northern tet double.15
CAST YOUR CROWNKorth, P, L2008tetDor27ML
5"red with gold toothy edge and green throat.15
CASTLE CHARLEMAGNEMoldovan2000tetDor32EM6"mulberry wine, superior bud count, easy grower10
CHEROKEE STARSanta Lucia1995tetDor32ML6"Star-shaped deep red15
CHERRIES JUBILEEMason, M.2009tetDor25M5.5"velvet red bitone, very round petaled, fine white edge30
CHERRY CANDYStamile, P.1989tetDor30M4.25"cream peach with cherry red eye, a favorite of mine.10
CHIPPEWA BRIDEKamensky1992dipDor18E3"apricot blend, tons of flowers and very long bloom season10
CHRISTIAN FLETCHERHanson, C.2005tetSev40ML6"large billowy orchid20
CHRISTIAN KLEMLorrain1998tetDor31ML6"deep rich purple with lighter watermark and excellent plant habit.20
CIRCULAR THINKINGMason, M.2005tetDor28ML4.5"pale pink with darker pink eyeline, 3-way branching, nice.15
CLEAR FORKHanson, C.2006tetSev50M5"deep lavender w/ith dawn pink watermark. 5-way branching.20
COBBS HILL JESTERZettek2012dipDor28M3.5"ruffled salmon red bicolor with rose eye15
CONDILLAGrooms1977dipDor20EM4.5"gold double, very bright, consistently doubles10
COOLER BY THE LAKEKorth, P, L2007tetDor34M6"purple with light lavender watermark and white edge25

7"purple with white midribs and cream to yellow throat10
CRIMSON SKYHolmes, S.2008tetDor34M7"large bright narrow red20
DANCES WITH GIRAFFESReed, M.2005dipDor60ML8"golden yellow with rose-peach blush and deep green throat. Unusual form25
DANDY DOOLITTLEMason, M.2008tetDor26EM5"Round with blunt sepals, a cool blue-pink with small green throat. Excellent vigor.15
DANGEROUS EXPECTATIONSGossard, J.2007tetDor43ML7"brick red with darker eye and yellow-white teeth15
DANGLING PARTICIPLEMason, M.2007tetSev28M8"deep fuchsia rose with light watermark, sepals quill and twist, unusual form25
DANTE'S INFERNOWoodhall2005tetDor32M6.5"bright red blend with green to yellow-white throat and 30 buds20
DEAR PRUDENCEHanson, C1994tetDor26M5"rose pink w/ deep pleats in the petals, unique and fertile.10
DELIVEREREmmerich2008tetSev30EM6"burnt coral red with watermark and almond edge, 26 buds and 4-way branching.15
DESERT FLAMESanta Lucia1997tetDor36M-ML5.5"stunning orange red, cover of 2002 Eureka15
DIANE CRAWFORDCulver, B2007tetSev36ML5.5"ruffled watermelon pink with green throat.25
DIVINERS HANDBOOKHanson, C.2006tetSev40M5.5"clear lavender with watermarked eye pattern. 6-way branching15
DON STEVENSStevens1987tetDor32M6"yellow with red eye, striking and vigorous15
DON'T FORGETMason, M.2012tetDor34ML5"striking rose cream bicolor with gold edge and white midribs. Very green throat, up to 30 buds. Very limited.Sold Out
DOUBLE ANGELSGossard, D.2010tetDor35M6"cream pink double with darker pink eyezone.25
DOUBLE WHIRLWINDGossard, D.2010tetDor38M5.5"cream rose pink with darker red eye, fabulous branching and bud count15
DREAM CATCHERRoberts, N.1995dipDor36ML10"rose bronze spider with green throat10
DRIFTGLASSMichaels, L.2008tetDor32ML7"variable color from lavender to fuchsia with blue eye/halo and 22 buds. Easy fertility15
DRUMS ALONG THE MOHAWKMoldovan1999tetSev34M6"rich coral-pink blend with red edge15
EAGER BEAVERApps2002dipDor21M4"greyed purple-lavender with violet eye10
EARTH FIREHager1990tetDor25EM5"screaming bright red-orange15
EDGY AFFAIRCulver, B.2006tetSev26ML5"ruffled cream with rose eye and rose and gold picotee10
ELIZABETH WHITECulver, B2011tetEv31ML7"clear rose pink with lighter watermark35
ELLIES LATE SHOWHarwood2005dipDor28L6"purple with lavender watermark and green throat15
ELSIE STELTERStelter, G2010tetDor37EM8.5"pink unusual form with very green throat, 20 buds25
ENTER LAUGHINGMason, M.2008tetDor31EM5"Polychrome of yellow, gold, and peach with white midribs and green throat, fringed edges15
ERNESTApps1996dipDor39EM2.25"tiny tall amber with rose halo and high bud count10
ESKIMO ISLANDMason, M.2008tetDor27M5.75"Pod and pollen fertile near white with great foliage, 3-way branching and 15-20 buds..20
ESSENCE OF VIOLETMason, M.2011tetSev28ML5.5"star-shaped clear blue-lavender bitone. Exquisite! 3 way branching and 15+ buds.25
EVAMcClendon1987dipDor22ML4.5"light pink with green throat, great scape10
EVA JANINEMason, M.2005tetDor30EM6.5"pastel pink with pleated green throat. Bud builder. 4-way branching20
EYE PADCulver, B.,2010tetSev40ML4"ruffled peach pink with wine purple eye and edge10
EYE PODCulver, B.2010tetSev42ML4"ruffled cream peach with wine eye and edge.15
FAMILY JEWELSCarlson, G.2005tetDor25M5.5"pink reverse bitone with cherry eye and gold edge10
FEAR NOTEmmerich2006tetDor26M5.5"clear saturated Chinese red with big green throat15
FEARFULLY AND WONDERFULLY MADEEmmerich2010tetDor26M5.5"well-branched coral pink with deep cramberry red eye and edge.20
FEMINIST BOOKSTOREHanson, C.2006tetSev36M6"strawberry rose with splashy peach watermark15
FINAL TOUCHApps1991dipDor32L4.75"excellent late-blooming pink/lavender bicolor10
FIRE IN THE KITCHENMason, M2015tetDor42M6"medium coral red with red eye and metallic gold edge20
FIRE KINGBenz1991tetDor30M5.5"brilliant orange-red self. Nocturnal, fertile. Excellent ruffles10
FIRE WHEN READYSchwarz, B2006tetDor30M7.5"cherry red with chartreuse throat15
FIRES OF VARANASIHanson, C.1995tetSEv32M5.5"orange red/green throat10
FIRST CRUSHNorris, R2008tetDor21M6"pastel pink with rose pink eye and picotee edge. Rebloomer20
FLAMING WILDFIRERasmussen1996tetDor36ML5"paprika red with darker eye15
FLAMINGO CAROUSELCulver, B.2012tetSev34EM5.5"hot combo of orange and red25
FLAMINGO FANTASYApps, D.1997dipDor26EM5"pink and rose with deep rose eyezone10
FLIGHT OF ORCHIDSReed, M.2005dipDor40M6"lavender unusual form with orchid eye patternSold Out
FORESTLAKE POINT LACEHarding, F.1996tetSev26E6"yellow with green throat15
FOX TROTSchulz1995dipSev18M6"velvet purple with yellow eye and lettuce green throat10
FRANCIS LEE PERFECT IMPERFECTION (UTR x GCMason, M.2019tetDor28M5.5"burgundy red with bright heavy yellow gold edge50
FREE FALLMason, M.2008tetDor26M9"med. pink with deeper rose eye and gold throat. Sepals quill and petals flare, opens flat15
FROSTBITE FALLSChurch, D.2009tetDor38M6.5"pale yellow to near white self, 25 buds15
Catalog G to L
DaylilyHybridizerYearTet/dipDormancyHeightSeasonFlower SizeDescriptionSelling Price
G. WILLIKERSMason, M.1998tetDor24M2.75"palest amber with light brown eye and picotee, vigorous!10
GALAXY RANGERMichaels, L.2008tetDor31M6"orchid pink with consistent sepal quilling, 20 buds and fertile15
GATES OF LODOREMason, M.2019tetDor38ML9"bright red-orange with red chevron eye and gold to green throat, sturdy scapes, 26 buds50
GENUINE LADYCulver, B.2009tetDor35ML5"clear bright pink with small watermark20
GIFT OF THE MAGIMason, M2015tet0bright pink with huge gold ruffle and watermark30
GIGGLE CREEKCulver, B2001tetSev28ML5"hardy lavender with purple eye and edge, very fertile.15
GINAReilly, P1996tetDor34M5.75"white edged pink blend with watermark, green throat10
GIVE ME EIGHTReinke, B. and J.1993dipSEv48ML8"near white polytepal15
GLIMMERGLASSMason, M.2002tetSev26ML5"medium lavender with a deeper halo, shimmering color, great scape15
GOLD CHAMPAGNERasmussen1984tetDor34ML7"bright gold, eye-catching10
GOLD CHARMRasmussen1989tetDor26M6"golden yellow self with excellent branching6
GOOD VIBRATIONSSchwarz, B..2000tetDor31EM7.5"yellow with rose halo, not a UFO, but graceful!10
GORGEOUS GEORGIEMason, M.2007tetDor27M5"glowing clear apricot self. Nocturnal and extended bloom. 4-way branching15
GRAND FUNKMason, M.2013tetDor36M6"rose lavender unusual form with deep purple eye and veining. 3-4 way branching and 15-20 buds.25
GRANNY'S BISCUITSMason, M.2006tetEv30ML5"round and ruffled lemon cream with excellent scape. Zone 4 hardy.15
GREEN BRIAR SASSYKinderman2000dipDor24EM3"rose with burgundy eye and green throat.15
GREY WITCHReed, M.1999dipDor30EM6"grey lavender with purple eye. Unique color, spider10
GREYWOODS DOTTIE DO LITTLEWilkinson2004dipDor21EM3.5"creamy pink stippled with rose and a slight rose band. Cool double10
GREYWOODS FRITZWILLIAMWilkinson2009tetDor32M-ML6"medium pink with heavy gold ruffling. High bud count20
GREYWOODS STARLICIOUSWilkinson2010tetSev33M7.5"silvery lavender with slate blue band30
GRYFFINDOR COLORSMason, M.2006tetDor29ML5.5"medium red with bright gold edge that performs well in zone 425
GUIDED BY VOICESHanson, C.1999tetSev33ML4"blended lavender with lighter edge10
GYPSY ROSEMason, M.2005tetDor27ML5.25"rose pink with metallic silver/gold edge, 4-5 way branching!20
HAPPY DESTINYMoldovan2006tetDor36M6"unique eyed purple bitone with white picotee edge.15
HARMONY ROADCulver, B.2013tetSev34ML8"regal purple with lavender watermark and brilliant green throat30
HARPER'S BAZAARMoldovan/Woodhall2009tetDor36M6.5"rose red with lighter pink watermark and edge, 25 buds and 5-way branching25
HARRIET MOORADIANMason, M.2003tetDor25L6"tailored royal purple with white edge on petals and sepals, late blooming20
HATHAWAY COTTAGEMoldovan2005tetDor33M5.5"pale pink with garnet patterned eye15
HEAT SEEKERGossard, D.2009tetDor40M5.5"burnt-orange to red with deep maroon-red eyezone.15
HEAVENLY FINAL DESTINYGossard, J.2007dipDor40M7.5"extremely well-branched lavender purple with dark eye and white edge15
HEAVENLY GHOST RIDERGossard, J.2007dipDor44M6"near white unusual form with lime green throat. Bud builder!20
HEAVENLY MR. FANTASTICGossard2010tetDor47M9"bicolor lavender pink with light watermark and gold edge25
HEAVENLY ORANGE BLAZEGossard, J.2007tetDor41E8"orange with yellow mid-ribs and petals edged in yellow.35
HEAVENLY SUNRISEWaldrop, B and D2013tetDor32L7"yellow with sculpting around the midrib35
HEAVENLY WHITE LIGHTNINGGossard2010dipDor36ML10.5"Fabulous white extended bloomer, unusual form, intro'd at $200!Sold Out
HEAVEN'S THRONEKorth2011tetDor30M5.5"dark rose lavender with gold edge20
HEMANGossard, J.2007tetDor35ML9"orange red blended bitone with large gold teeth, unusual form20
HENRY OF HINGHAMHolmes, M.2007tetDor26M5.75"clear light yellow with darker trimmed edge20
HERBGIRL'S CHERRY MOONSHINEYost2002tetDor25M6"coral rose with violet eye and edge20
HIDDEN OBSESSIONPickles2002tetSev28EM4.75"blush pink above a lime green throat10
HURRICANE BOBSchwarz, B2003tetDor40M8.5"red and light red bicolor15
ILANA HOPEMason, M.2007tetSev28M5"bright coral rose-pink with ruffles into the throat. Watermark of pale coral and gold20
ILLINI MAIDENVarner1983tetDor36M5"dark red with white edge10
IMPERIAL BANDITCulver, B.2004tetDor28M4.5"white with royal purple eye and green throat15
IN MOM'S HONORWoodhall2006tetDor32EM5.5"pink/pastel peach bicolor with lovely watermark and gold ege15
IN TAFFETA PATTERNSHanson, C.2008tetSev36M5"tapestry of shades of rose and orchid with fuchsia eye nad veining15
INCURABLE ROMANTICMason, M.2011tetSev35ML5.5"pastel peach with patterned rose eye. 3-4 way branching and 25+ buds.15
INFINITYYancey1984dipDor30EM5.5"stately coral pink10
INHERITED WEALTHCarr1998tetEv28E5"pink blend with gold edge and green throat10
INSPIRATION ROADCulver, B.2013tetSev28ML7.5"clear bright lavender with 20 buds30
INSTANT CELEBRATIONKorth, P, L2006tetSev33EM5"cream with dark purple eye and edge. 25 buds and 5-way branching20
IRAN-CONTRA AFFAIRHanson, C.2006tetDor43ML5"rose wine bitone with appliqued watermark.20
ITSY BITSY SPIDERBishop, H1990dipDor35E3.5"lemon yellow spidery mini. Loads of blooms10
ITZA PINK TEDDYYost2003tetDor28M5"rose pink with white watermark and picotee15
JACOB'S PILLOWMason, M.2008tetDor38L6"Graceful and tall, a pastel pink/peach with chartreuse green throat.20
JADE PRINCESSCulver, B2002tetDor28M6"deep rose pink self with large green throat15
JAMES THE DRAGON SLAYERMason, M.2012tetDor30ML7"deep velvet red with rose watermark blending to bright yellow with green throat.40
JELLYFISH JELOUSYReed, M.1995dipDor24M7"cream with feathered lavender eye, Unusual form10
JERRY MURPHYMason, M.2010tetDor32ML5.5"bright orange red with deep red eye and edge of lighter orange. 25+ buds.30
JERUSALEMStevens1990tetDor28M5"bright gold, round and ruffled10
JEWELED TIARAJoiner, J.1999dipSev28M6.5"powder pink with green throat and long bloom, double15
JOE KELLUMPickles2013tetSev35E6"mulberry trimmed in white15
JOE SPRINGERLycette/Lorraine2009tetDor42M6"heavily ruffled black purple, 33 buds and 4-way branching15
JOLLY GOOD FELLOWHerr, D.2004tetDor34E4.25"burgundy lavender self10
JOYOUS WONDERLorrain-Lycett2009tetDor37L6"rose pink with yellow band and gold edge, 4-way branching and 41 buds!15
JULIA UHEYKropf1993dipDor28M5.5"cream double with dark pink eye10
JUNGLE FEVERBenz1993tetDor32M6"red self, vigorous15
KENDRA MARIEMussar2015tetDor44M5.5"raspberry pink with mid-rib cristationSold Out
KINDLY LIGHTBechtold1949dipDor28M8"yellow spider oldie but goodie10
KNIGHT TEMPLARLachman1983tetDor24ML6"cream to near-white with a green throat15
LA STRAVAGANZAMoldovan2000tetSev28M6.5"lavishly ruffled bright red with gold edge10
LACY AMETHYSTMason, M.1998tetSev26M4"fringed lavender with darker lavender eye and edge, green throat, Outstanding scape15
LADY BANDITCulver, B2004tetDor30EM5"cream with pink eye and gold edge25
LADY DANCERRasmussen1989tetDor28M5.5"rose pink/plum eye, edge10
LADY GILLIANCulver, B.2010tetSev35ML5"cream peach with etched rose-pink eye25
LADY GUINEVEREMoldovan-Woodhall2011tetDor38M6"clear pink with strong green throat, 20 buds, 3-4 way branching20
LADY IN LOVERasmussen1999tetDor26M5"rose peach with deeper rose eye15
LADY MELCulver, B.2016tetSev38ML5"ivory cream with lavender eye and edge, 30+ buds!50
LAKE TEAR OF THE CLOUDSMason, M.2010tetDor28EM5.5"medium fuchsia purple with striking large pale lavender pink watermark10
LAST REWARDHarwood1997dipDor25ML-VL5"cream with rose edge and darker rose sepals10
LAUGHING AT THE RAINMussar, D.2014tetDor30M5"light yellow to cream with heavy ruffle. 4-5 way branching and 20 buds!15
LAURIE THORPPiotrowski2008tetSev32M5"ruffled lavender-violet with small light watermark15
LAVENDER LIGHTWebster1984tetDor24M8"exotic large lavender, Unusual form10
LE PETIT SABOTEURHanson, C.2002tetSev36E2.5"tiny purple self above chartreuse throat, amazing scape.Sold Out
LEMON BUTTERCRUNCHMason, M.2012tetDor28EM6.5"ruffled and creped lemon yellow with very green throat.25
LEMON PERSUASIONMason, M.2008tetDor29ML5.5"Palest lemon yellow, white mid-ribs, with heavy deep lemon ruffled edge.40
LEMONFELLOWTrimmer, D.1999dipDor32EM11"lemon yellow spider, tall, vigorous grower15
LINDA SPOONERCulver, B.2008tetDor32ML5"peach pink with slight gold edge and very large green throat. 30 buds!40
LIQUID MEMORYMichaels, L.2009dipDor40ML8"pink with lavender orchid eye, unusual form stretches out to 12"! Strong scapes withstand wind.15
LOCH LOMOND LILACDerrow, M.2010tetDor32EM6"lilac with pale watermark and green throat, 25 budsSold Out
LOCH NESS MONSTERCouturier, G.1992dipDor25M7.5"silvery lavender15
LONG LIVE LOVEHanson, C.2006tetSev36ML6"rich medium pink with defined patterned watermark. 6-way branching20
LONGLESSON AVALONMason, M.2000tetDor20M5"near white with rose purple eye and picotee, gold edge. Very hardy10
LONGLESSON BALLADMason, M.1998tetSEv24ML6"happy huge ruffled lavender, vigorous15
LONGLESSON CAPEHARTMason, M.1998tetDor27EM6.5"pink and cream blend, petals long and narrow, high bud count10
LONGLESSON COCONUT CREAMMason, M.2000tetSev35ML5.5"tall vigorous cream, begins blooming Aug. 1 here.15
LONGLESSON FLATTERYMason, M.1998tetEv26M5.5"pale cream/light rouged eye, hardy in zone 415
LONGLESSON GOLD COASTMason, M.2019tetDor38ML6.5"classic bright golden yellow with orange flecks, frilled and ruffled edge, very pod fertile!25
LONGLESSON LIBERTY BELLEMason, M.2002tetDor35ML6.5"rose pink with a peach-gold watermark and very green throat. Glorious!30
LONGLESSON ORCHID THIEFMason, M.2005tetDor30M7"star-shaped blue-lavender, 3-way branching.25
LONGLESSON STANDING OVATIONMason, M.2013tetDor48ML6"bright red with glowing gold throat20
LONGLESSON SUMMER GIFTMason, M.1998tetDor28M6"vigorous deep fuchsia purple w/dk eye. 20+ buds15
LORIE DAWNFitzpatrick2003dipDor30EM7.5"lavender purple self with green throat. Unusual form10
LOVE IN THE LIBRARYMason, M.2005tetDor26EM6"pastel blush pink polychrome with gold wire edge. Fertile.10
LOVE IN VAINHanson, C.1999tetSev28EM5"violet raspberry blend above a chartreuse throat10
LUNAR EMPIREDerrow2010tetSev36M5.5"striking bright yellow with incredible branching20
LYNN CONRADRood, K.2009tetDor30ML5.5"fragrant clear yellow with peach halo and edge.20
LYRICAL BALLADMason, M.2004tetDor28E6.5"clear lavender with smoky orchid eye and very green throat. Triangular15
Catalog M to R
DaylilyHybridizerYearTet/dipDormancyHeightSeasonFlower SizeDescriptionSelling Price
MABOUMason, M.2003tetDor30ML6"rose purple with orchid watermark and gold wire edge.Sold Out
MADAGASCAL MOONChurch, D.2009tetDor28M5.5"cream-yellow self, 25 buds.Sold Out
MADAME BESSEMARSchwarz, B.2005tetDor34M8.5"deep burgundy with very green throat, unusual form10
MAGIC AMETHYSTStamile, P.1999tetDor27EM5.5"ruffled amethyst with edge. Very nice.15
MAID OF THE MEADOWSMason, M.2005tetEv32M7"triangular rose pink with striking yellow watermark, green throat, braided gold edge.30
MANGO CHUTNEYMason, M.2006tetDor26M6"tangerine peach with rose eye and gold edge. 3-4 way branching vigorous20
MARDI GRAS PARADEKroll1998dipDor24M3.75"rose lavender with bold wine eye and green throat10
MARIE GALANTEMason, M.2002tetDor28ML5"lavender and cream bitone, round and ruffled and lovely. 3-4 way branching20
MEGILLAHEmmerich2009tetDor32M6"cranberry grape with etched purple/lavender eye and ruffled wide ivory edge20
MELANIE'S SMILECulver, B2015tetSev36ML5.5"ruffed rose red with pale watermark and green throat50
MEMORIAL TO STEVENorris, R2006tetSev34M6"lavender-pink with prolific bloom0
MIDNIGHT IN BURGESSAlbers, D2009tetDor25ML4.75"black purple with a narrow red band25
MILK CHOCOLATECarney1967dipDor26ML5"dark chocolate brown10
MINNESOTA MORNINGSchaben2001tetDor30EM5.25"pale sugar-peach polychrome with gold edge, excellent late.10
MISPLACED MODIFIERMason, M.2012tetSev52EM7"rose pink unusual form with pale grape eye. Sepals quill and curl, petals pinch. 4-way branching, impressive in a clump.15
MISSOURI MOONKropf1990tetDor28M4.75"cream and pink blend with green throat10
MONACAN TRAILMurphy, J2006dipDor49EM8"huge cream with feathered purple band. Bud-builder!25
MORAL CONSTRAINTSHanson, C.2006tetSev36ML5.5"violet rose with peach watermark with luscious ruffling. 4-way branching.10
MOSES FIREJoiner1998tetDor22M6"fiesta red double with petals lightly ruffled in gold, extremely fine15
MRS. LONDON'S APRICOT TARTMason, M.2003tetDor27M6"pale apricot with light rose band, near white mid-ribs and very green throat25
MUSCLE AND BLOODBachman2003dipSev44M9"rose red with yellow halo and chartreuse throat, Unusual form10
MY HEART SINGSHarwood2005tetSev33L10"lavender white with lavender edge15
MY PERFECT LADYCulver, B.2012tetDor30ML5.5"ruffled cream pink with bright pink eye15
MY SWEET ROSEKroll1993dipDor26M5.5"fragrant heavily ruffled rose pink, opens well, heavily budded.10
MYSTIC AVALONHoffman, P.2009tetDor42EM7.5"apple red with darker red eye and light midribs. Large green throat. Anching. Unusual form15
MYSTIC PIZZACochenour2003tetDor37M9"bright striking red with large yellow mid-ribs20
NANTUCKET NAVIGATORMason, M.2010tetDor29M6.5"deep purple with heavily ruffled white edge, 3-4 way branching25
NATIONAL MEMENTOOwen, P.2014tetSev26M5.75"deep pink with darker halo and gold wire edge15
NELLIE McKERLIECulver, B.2014tetDor38ML5.5"peach-pink with rose halo and green throat, 40 buds25
NEON FLAMEBenz1988tetDor28M5.5"deep tangerine with green throat25
NEVER TOO LATEMason, M.2010tetDor26L-VL5"garnet purple bitone with pink watermark and bubbly white-gold edge. 20+ buds30
NICK WHITECulver, B.2012tetDor36ML6"melon-gold blend with heavy gold edge, 25 buds.35
NORTH WIND DANCERSchaben2001dipDor42L7.5"pink lavender self with green throat, unusual form20
NORTHERN DAWNKorth, P2006tetDor35M5"rich pink with heavy gold ruffle. Sp. Fantasy Dancer x Enchanted April15
NORTHERN DYNASTYCulver, B.2012tetSev44ML6"bright yellow with 4-5 way branching25
NOT NAMED AFTER MY WIFE LINDAGeorge, M2013tetSev41M9"bright star-shaped red with pink watermark, TALL!20
NOTIFY GROUND CREWHanson, C.2000tetDor72M5"extremely tall elegant yellow15
OCEAN SPIRITMurphy, J.2006dipDor40ML7"tall graceful lavender with purple eye pattern.Sold Out
OH WHAT A BEAUTIFUL MORNINGHerr, D.2005tetSev34M6"peach pink with green throat15
OLD FIELD SWEET CHARITYMason, M.2004tetDor26M5.5"later blooming pink/lt mid ribs, lovely15
OLD KING COLEMoldovan1995tetDor32M5.5"medium red purple with white edge10
OLE' OLE'Kroll1996dipDor29M3.5"peach with crimson eye and picotee edge10
ONE MORE HEARTACHEHanson, C1993tetSEv22M5.5"ruffled rose-violet, very vigorous10
ONE TWO KANGAROOMason, M.2000tetDor28EM4"light orange with rose eye, vigorous, 5-way branching, 25-30 buds. Long bloom season.10
ONLY FOR EVERSchwarz, M.2003tetDor34M4.5"peach with rouge eye and green throat10
ONLY IN AMERICASchwarz, B2004tetDor32M9"bright red with green/gold throat15
ORIGEN STORIESReed, M2005dipDor60ML6"lavender pink bitone with cream mid-ribs and green throat15
ORION'S BANDMurphy, J.2006dipDor54M7"red-lavender spider with excellent bud count and branching15
OVERDRIVEGossard, J.2007tetDor32M6.5"light pink unusual form with red eye and double picotee of white and red15
PANIC IN DETROITAdams, R.2002tetDor40ML8"humongous red with light mid-ribs and gold throat.15
PARISIENNE PINKKlehm1988tetDor22E5"rose blend with strong gold edge10
PATHWAY OF PEACEEmmerich2005tetDor32EM5"cream-yellow to near white with peach blush and cream mid-ribs.10
PAULA HEISENMason, M.2005tetDor33ML5.5"pale peach-cream with light rose eye, 4-way branching, fertile, Excellent!15
PEACHES AND POMEGRANATEMason, M.2008tetDor24ML7"deep rose petals with pale rose-peach sepals, darker eye, veining, and lighter petal edges.15
PECONIC AUTUMNHegeman1991tetDor34L6"bright rose bitone, very late10
PEE WEE'S BIG ADVENTUREHanson, C.2002tetSev36ML6"golden yellow self15
PHYLLIS MITCHELLCulver, B.2013tetDor30ML5"peach pink with heavy yellow ruffle. Bud count 25+30
PIECE OF SKYMoldovan2006tetDor30EM5.5"lavender with striking blue watermark. Temperature variable10
PINCE NEZMason, M.2000tetSev22M4"black-purple, petals are pinched at the tips, opens well and holds in sun15
PINEAPPLE DAIQUERIMason, M.2000tetSev25ML6"lemon yellow with white midribs. Begins bloom Aug. 120
PINEWOOD GOLD OREKorth, P.2007tetDor29M5.5"large ruffled gold self with fringed edges15
PINHILL JUNE SUNRISE (WidWal x NanNav)Lefkovits2006dipDor36EE5"cream with rose eye, 25 buds, well branched10
PINKLE-PURRMason, M.2002tetDor25L3.5"ruffled clear pink with a small lime green throat, 4-5 way branching and 25-30 buds.35
PLANTATION BELLEAdams1991tetDor34M4.75"rose-lavender with purple halo10
PLUM LOCOMason, M.1997tetSEv26ML5.5"clear purple, 3-4 way branching. Holds well in full sun. Good vigor15
POINCIANA REGALTompkins1998tetSev34EM6"scarlet self with green throat15
POINTER SISTERSChurch2007dipDor32EM8"cream with wide lime green throat, unusual form15
POWDER AND PERFUMEApps1999dipDor30EM3.75"lavender and grey-purple blend with deeper halo, rare, exotic and beautiful!10
PRACTICAL MAGICPiotrowski2000tetDor36ML5.5"deep butter yellow with 21 buds.15
PRICE OF LOVEHanson, C1996tetSEv26ML6"rose with green throat10
PRINCESS EMMAMason, M.2019tetDor38EM6"palest lavender w/ white/lemon eye and throat, 5 way branch, 20 buds50
PRINCESS PINK CHEEKSChurch, D.2008tetDor30M6"early opening ruffled pink with gold edge15
PUMPKIN ROASTSellers2003tetDor30M6"copper gold blend with lighter ruffled edge15
PUPPYDOG KISSESGossard, R.2010tetDor31M7.5"big light orange flower with darker orange eyezone20
PURPLE CHEETAHGossard2006tetDor32M7.5"light purple with darker spots and watermark25
PUT-IN BAYPotter-Holmes2006tetDor28EM5.5"rose pink and peach blend with glowing yellow throat15
QUEEN OF SOFTNESSMason, M.2013tetDor31ML5"heavily ruffled pastel peach with pale rose halo and gold edge. Very gren throat and 24 buds20
RADIATION BIOHAZARDGossard, J.2000dipDor37M9"maroon bicolor with yellow midribs and green throat, unusual form15
RAINBOW COLORSCulver, B.2008tetDor35M5.5"rose coral blend with vivid green throat25
RAMWhatley1994tetSev25ML7"yellow with white edge and green throat15
RASPBERRIES FOR BREAKFASTMason, M.2011tetSev30M6.5"peach pink with large roseraspberry halo and ruffled toothy edge. 3 way branching and 13+ buds. Some UFO characteristics, but variable15
RED CARPET MOMENTNorris, R.2007tetDor28M5.5"bright well-branched red with heavy gold edge20
RED FESTIVALCulver, B.2013tetDor34ML5.5"bright red with lighter rose red watermark and green throat, 20 buds25
RED RIGHT RETURNINGMason, M.2002tetDor36M4.5"bright scarlet red, round and ruffled with 4-5 way branching and 25+ buds.30
RED ROCK SUNRISEMason, M.2007tetSev29ML5.25"bright coral red with deeper red eye and green throat30
RESCUE MEMason, M.2002tetDor26EM5"lemon with peach brushings and amber pencil line eye, green throat, fragrant10
RHYTHM OF THE SAINTSMason, M.1997tetDor28EM6.5"blue-pink with interesting rose eye pattern and veining, long bloom season15
RIVER LOREMason, M.2009tetDor42ML6"rose purple with striking dark purple veining. 4-way branchingSold Out
ROAD TO SAMARKANDHanson, C.1999tetSev27M6"purple with lemon throat10
ROCKET BOOSTERSanta Lucia1997tetDor36EM7.5"bright scarlet red with green throat15
ROCKS CRY OUTKorth, P, L2008tetDor33EM5.5"red bitone with tan and gold edge, 30 buds and 4-way branching20
ROGUEMason, M.1997tetDor26ML5.5"rose red with creamy toothed edge, good bud count and branching, fertile, super parent!15
ROLLING STONEKorth, P, L2008tetDor28EM6"reddish purple with gold wire edge, 22 buds.20
RON DUNNWebster1996tetDor28M9"reddish purple with green throat10
ROOT BEER FLOATMason, M.2006tetDor18M5"peach and coral blend with cream highlights, double25
ROSA ROMAGruber1997dipDor26ML5"med. pink with quilled sepals, unusual form10
ROSAMUND'S YELLOW SCARFSchwarz, B.2007tetDor50EM5.5"cadmium yellow with green throat20
ROSE ELECTRACulver-B2005tetSev27ML5.5"metallic rose pink with large green throat15
ROSE FOLLYMason, M.2017tetDor30ML5.75"crested rose pink, vigorous 3-4 way branching, (Rose Electra x Love in the Library)25
ROSE ODYSSEYCulver, B.2002tetSev26ML5.5"rose pink with green throat15
ROSE SOLITUDEChurch, D.2009tetDor24M6.25"deep rose self with white to green throat15
ROSE STORMSanta Lucia1999dipDor22EM4.5"consistent,doubled rose red. Excellent!15
ROSE VICTORIOUSBell, T.2002tetDor26M6"heavy ruffled rose pink blend with green throat10
ROSY SPIKETAILGossard, J.2006tetDor28ML7.5"rose pink bitone with huge white teeth15
ROY LIKES 'EM HOTHolmes, S.2007tetDor32M7"bright red-orange with deeper red eye and edge20
ROYAL CATTLYAGriesbach1987tetDor31ML5.5"vigorous consistent med-purple bitone with watermark10
ROYAL FLOURISHMason, M.2009tetDor26M6.5"royal purple bitone with striking white edge and light watermark. VigorousSold Out
RUBY SPIDERStamile, P1991tetDor36E9"red, not really a spider, but a knock-out!10
RUCKUSRice2007tetDor28M5.5"butterscotch and yellow bitone with heavy braided gold edge15
RUFUSGrovenstein1992tetDor32M5.5"red daylily with an attitude15
Catalog S to Z
DaylilyHybridizerYearTet/dipDormancyHeightSeasonFlower SizeDescriptionSelling Price
SAGAMORE CYNTHIA CONTRERASBritz1996dipDor21EM4"ivory and pink bicolor10
SAM ABELLNorris, R.2010tetDor34EM6"cream with purple eye and edge20
SANIBEL CORALRood, T.2008tetDor37L5"Coral pink with darker coral eye15
SAVANNAH DEBUTANTEJoiner1986dipDor32ML6"apricot, consistent double10
SCARLET PIMPERNELRipley, N.2006tetSev35EM10"garnet red unusual form with yellow to green throat20
SCATTERBRAINJoiner1989dipSEv32M6"lt. peach double, consistent and lovely, double15
SCREAMCICLECochenour2003tetDor35EM8"orange with red eye, unusual form15
SCREEN SAVERMason, M.2000tetSev22ML6"yellow with deep burgundy eye and burgundy and cream picotee edges,15
SEARS TOWERGoldner2000tetDor72M7"yellow polychrome with impressive heightSold Out
SECOND COMINGHanson, C.2009tetDor33VL5"pastel blend of ivory and pink with yellow throat35
SENECA CORAL SONGRood, T2003tetSev30ML5"rose coral self25
SENECA SAFARIRood, T.2009tetSev38E5"deep orange with red eye and edge and green throat. High bud count.10
SERMON ON THE MOUNTEmmerich2009tetDor36M6"clear purple with washed purple eye and white edge. 5-way branching25
SEVENTH INNING STRETCHSobet2005dipDor40L4.5"bright red25
SEVENTY-SIX TROMBONESSchwarz, B.2006tetDor42EM8"brilliant red self with bright chartreuse green throat. Impressive!20
SHADOW WALKERHomes-S2011tetDor33M8.5"clear lavender purple star with patterned watermarked eye15
SHARE A LITTLEHanson, C.2006tetDor33ML3"soft pink with cream ruffles and chartreuse throat, good for late garden15
SHARE MEWetzel2004dipEv22EE4.75"bright golden yellow, re-re-rebloomer!10
SHORES OF TIMEStamile, P.2003tetDor26EM5.5"rose pink with gold edge and green throat25
SHOT GUN WEDDINGKorth, P, L2008tetDor23EM5.5"cream with gold-yellow edge and green throat. 23 buds.15
SHOUTIN' THE BLUESBachman2003dipSev39M9"yellow lime with light midribs and bright lime green throat, unusual form10
SILOAM BEAUTY QUEENHenry1987dipDor19EM5.5"lovely rose pink, consistent double8
SILOAM PEONY DISPLAYHenry1991dipDor18M6"apricot with rose eye. Double10
SILVER HIGHLIGHTSSanta Lucia2006dipDor24M4"rose purple double with a bit of an eyezone and silver edging, Unique and gorgeous!20
SINNERS ANONYMOUSApps2006tetDor36ML5.75"black violet with yellow-gree throat15
SLIPPED MY DISCOHanson, C.2006tetSev52M7"spatulate and recurved petals display beautiful unusual patterning, unusual form15
SLIPPIN' AND SLIDIN'Bachman, D.2012dipSev48L6.5"greyed lavender star spatulate unusual form with large yellow-green throat15
SLOOP CLEARWATERMason, M.2010tetDor29ML6"clean white with very green throat, excellent foliage, and 3-4 way branching30
SMUGGLERS DAWNBranch2007tetDor27EM7"near white to pale yellow with gold edge and great branching15
SMUGGLERS MYSTIQUEBranch2007tetDor27M6.5"raspberry rose with peach watermark and yellow throat.15
SMUGGLER'S REVELRYBranch2000tetDor26M4.5"blend of mango, saffron and paprika with a light halo10
SNOWBOARDINGReed, M.2005dipDor40ML8"big flat ruffled white with heavy substance25
SOAPSTONE BUBBLESReed-M2005dipDor32M5"cream white with violet eye and green throat. Petals and sepals pinch and curl20
SONG OF AFRICAMason, M.1997tetDor27M6"ruffled purple that holds well in full sun, well-branched and budded. Fertile. Parent of ASTRAL VOYAGER.15
SONG OF THE EMPIRECarpenter, J.2006tetSev28M5.75"Superior bud count and branching on this heavily sculpted golden yellow.20
SOUTH SEASMoldovan1993tetDor30M5.5"glowing pink/tangerineSold Out
SPACECOAST TINY PERFECTIONKinnebrew, J.1998tetSev18E2.875"flesh peach pink self with gold edge.10
SPIRAL GALAXYMurphy-J2011dipDor40ML6"rosepink and red with green throat and cream mid-ribs. 5-way branching, bud builder25
SPIRIT FOXCulver, B2001tetDor27M5.5"hot spiced orange red self above yellow throat. Brilliant in the garden.15
SPIRIT ZONECulver, B1999tetDor28ML4.5"peach pink blend with green halo and appliqu├ęd yellow throat15
SPLIT INFINITIVEMason, M.2007tetDor26EM9"lavender pink with large green throat and faint lilac band, unusual form15
SPORTIN' LIFENorris, R.2012tetSev32M6.5"bright rose red with fuchsia rose watermark. 15 buds.25
SPRINGFIELD CLANTrimmer, J.2001tetSev40EM10"gigantic impressive bright red with some unusual form characteristics20
STARDUST DRAGONGossard, J.2012tetDor33M8.5"near white with gold toothy edge from Forestlake breeding. 5-6 way branching and 33-38 budsSold Out
STARDUST LADYCulver, B.2006tetSev34EM5.5"clear peach pink blend with pencil halo of rose pink. Easy opener15
STELLA'S RUFFLED FINGERSCrichton1999dipSev19EE3.75"palest pink with faint triangular rose halo. Reblooms.10
STORM SHELTEREmmerich2007tetDor24M5.5"very round clear light purple with merlot eye and edge trimmed in white.15
STORM TRACKValente1998tetSev28EM5.5"black purple with great scape and long bloom. Choice.10
STORM WATCHValente1998tetDor30M6.5"purple with blacker purple halo10
STRANGE BREWHanson, C.2006tetDor37EM6.5"pinched crispate with bubbly gold edge, unusual form10
STRANGER IN A STRANGE LANDEmmerich2011tetDor24ML5"violet with blue eye and ivory edge20
STRAWBERRY MISSRood, K.2006dipSev26ML4"rose pink with lighter pink edge15
STUMBLING STONEKorth, P, L2006tetDor35EM5.5"burgundy-rose bitone with gold edge and green throat. 30 buds and 5-way branching20
SUMMER RE-RUNMason, M.2000tetSev25EM3.5"rich rose-peach with deeper rose eye and gold-orange edge. Reblooms in zone 4!20
5.5"cream with pink blush, excellent bud count and branching20
SUN TEMPLE SPIRITHanson, C1994tetSEv35VL5.5"late yellow, an improvement over H. 'Sandra Elizabeth'10
SUN'S SHADOWRasmussen1989tetDor32M5"light orange with a defined pale russet eye pattern, a favorite15
SUPREME PLEASUREPickles2002tetDor28M5.5"citrus yellow with lime throat, perhaps the best yellow I grow. Top notch bud count and branching.Sold Out
SUZY CREAM CHEESEBachman2001dipDor35L7"peach self above gold throat, excellent late bloom10
SWEET ANNALEEInabinette2002dipDor29ML5peach with gold eye and green throat, double10
SWEET CERISEMason, M2011tetDor26ML5.25"raspberry rose bitone with pale rose sepals and watermark, gold filigree, and extremely green throat..20
SWEET CHARLOTTEWarrell1984dipDor36EM7"lt. coral pink/lavender ribs, lovely, unusual form10
SWEET SAMMIESchaben2002tetDor32M4.75"pale peach bitone with baby ribbon pink blush and rose eye. Gold edge.10
SWEET SENECA PARTY DRESSRood, K.2008dipDor14ML3.25"fragrant 100% pink double mini15
TAKE ME ALONGWoodhall2000tetSev40ML5.5"sherbet orange flowers with coral eye and green throat, an "oh-wow" daylily with very impressive scape15
TAPPAN HILLSchmidt-C2018tetDor36L6.5"sienna with red eye, wide spread 5-way branching, gold-green throat, fragrantSold Out
TEA FOR TEAGANMason, M.2019tetDor28ML5.5"lavender bitone with feathered eye and green throat50
TEABERRY TYCOONChurch2010tetDor28M5.5"burgundy red with pink eye and green throat30
TECHNY SPIDERReckamp1987tetDor21ML7"rose blend15
TEDDY BEARS PICNICMoldovan2005tetSev38M6"light chocolate brown with semi-sweet chocolate eye pattern, lemon throat. CHOICE!15
THE DIVINE MISS DEVONMason, M.2012tetSev37EM5.5"bright clear pink unusual form with sepals that twist and curl. Ruffled petals are pleated at the throat, and throat is very greenSold Out
THE THIN AIRHanson, C.2008tetDor36EM7"long narrow orchid petals with ethereal halo25
THINGS ARE LOOKING UPSchwarz, M2003tetDor26M5"pink self with green throat10
THIRD WITCHReed, M.2003dipDor44M6"black red with slightly darker eye and green throat, spider10
THIS TIME TOMORROWHanson, C.2006tetDor38M5.5"full-formed lemon yellow with six-way branching. Early opening.20
THRESHOLD OF A DREAMOwen, P.2010tetDor27ML6.25"pink lavender with dark lavender blue band and cream watermark15
THUNDER CATGossard, J.2007tetDor34M7.5"pink unusual form with striking red eye and toothed edge15
TIE AND TAILSMoldovan1999tetSev30EM5"grape purple with white hairline edge15
TIGER ON STILTSMason, M.2003tetDor42ML5"tangerine coral with rose red eye and gold to deep green throat20
TIGER SWIRLRasmussen2000tetDor32M7"burnt orange unusual form with red eye15
TIKAL MAIDCulver, B.2001tetDor25ML5.5"cream yellow with red eye15
TIME WARPMason, M.1997tetSEv26M6"pink/cream/yellow blend w/eye pattern, gold-beaded edge. SUPER parent!15
TIRAMISOUMason, M.2009tetDor31EM6"raspberry red with large looping ruffles. A hint of white radiates from th gold green throat. 3-4 way branching30
TOUCAN SAMGossard, J.2007tetDor31M6.5"purple bitone with dk. Purple eye and white edge20
TRAIL OF TEARSRood, T.2006tetSev37ML5.5"pink self with green throat20
TUXEDO JUNCTIONSchwarz, B1999tetDor30M7"pale parchment blending to pink at edge, star-shaped bloom.20
TWIST AND TURNYonski2000tetDor28ML7.5"pink bitone with rose eyezone and green throat. Fragrant10
TWIST OF LEMONBrooks, H.1985tetDor33EM7"lt. lemon spider10
TWO MELANIESTurner, C.2006dipDor41ML4"tall yellow double10
UNBRIDLED SPIRITRice, J.2007tetDor33ML5.5"ornately ruffled pastel cream with knobs and hooks15
UNCONDITIONAL LOVETrimmer, D.1996tetDor26EM5.5"early opening lavender with deeper halo, easy pod setter.10
UNCONTROLLABLE URGEHanson, C.2006tetSev26EM6"heavily ruffled yellow and cream polychrome15
UP ON THE ROOFHanson, C.2007tetSev53ML5"rose with large palesalmon watermark and very green throat. 5-way branching20
UPON THIS ROCKKorth, P2004tetDor27M5.5"red bitone with gold edge and green throat. Sp.Starburst x Startle15
VATICAN CITYMoldovan2000tetSev32EM6"dark violet purple with white picotee edge. Choice!15
VEIN OF AMETHYSTMason, M.2012tetDor40ML6"medium purple with slightly darker purple eye, yellow to green throat, and prominent dark veining in both petals and sepals. 4-way branching25
VELVET WIDOWStamile, P.1988tetDor29EM8"black red narrow form with green throat15
VERTICAL HORIZONMoldovan2006tetDor36EM6.5"palest pink with purple eye and picotee and veiningSold Out
VICTORIA PARKCulver, B2002tetDor28ML5.5"pink self with very large green throat20
VISITING EMILY AMBERRogers, J.2002tetSev25EM5.75"golden orange with rose halo and green throat10
VIVA PINATAGossard, J.2007tetSev32M7.5"yellow with blue-purple patterned eye. Spatulate unusual form15
VULCAN LOGICHanson, C.2004tetSev30M5"wine purple with wide apricot rose band and very green throat20
WAGGLE DANCEHoward, R.2013tetSev39M5.25"orchid with darker eye and patterned yellow throat20
WAKE UP AMERICASchwarz, B2004tetDor32E5.5"intense lemon lime with very green throat, unusual form25
WALLY'S WISHDoster2008tetSev24M4.5"double purple self25
WAR DRAGONCulver, B2002tetSev24EM5"orange red with red eye above yellow-green throat25
WARRIOR'S BROTHERSchwarz/Rood2002tetDor32M4.5"deep red with darker red band, white edge, and green throat15
WATUSI WARRIORChambers/Moldovan2003tetDor36M5.5"deep red violet with yellow throat.Excellent!15
WAVES BECOME WINGSHanson, C.2001tetSev36VL6"lavender pink blend above green throat. Excellent bud count and branching.15
WELLSPRING OF WISDOMEmmerich2004tetSev26M5"cream with strawberry eye and green throat15
WHAT ABOUT MEBrooks, B2007tetSev38ML6"clear strong red with huge yellow star throat.10
WHIP CITY CATNIP KITTYJones, L2011tetDor31ML6.75"coral rose unusual form with very green throat10
WHISKEY REBELLIONMason, M.2009tetDor42ML-L7"bourbon gold with port wine radiating eye. Large ruffles.20
WHISTLER'S SISTERYost2002tetDor24M5.5"pale yellow with deeper yellow edge15
WHITE LEMONADELoughry1993dipDor25EM3.5"ruffled near white, the hit of Pittsburgh National15
WHITNEY SUZANNEKropf1982dipDor28M7"rose copper double with wine eye10
WIDOW'S WALKMoldovan2006tetDor38M6"distinctive purple with watermark and halo bordered by a creamy picotee15
WIGGLESWORTHSchwarz, B2007tetSev36ML7"lavender pink unusual form15
WILSON SPIDEROakes1988dipDor28M7.5"purple bitone spider varient. Late blooming.10
WINE BANDITCulver, B2002tetSev30ML4.5"cream with wine purple eye and green throat10
WINNER'S PORTRAITApps2006tetDor30ML5.5"pink and cream blend with yellow knobby edge10
WIZARD'S WISHMoldovan2000tetDor32ML5.5"medium purple and lilac-cream bitone with a watermark and green throat15
WOMEN SEEKING MENHanson, C.1999tetSev41ML6"screaming rose with soft pink watermark and green throat15
WOODSIDE ROMANCEApps1995dipDor27M5"rose self with yellow-green throat8
WOODSTOCK REVIVALMason, M2009tetDor26M6"shocking bright coral with lighter watermark and heavy orange edge. A Day-glo daylily!40
YUKON SPRINGCulver, B.2004tetDor27M5.5"lemon yellow with green throat15
ZADA MAEKropf1982dipDor22M4.5"light peach double, lovely!10
ZELLA VIRGINIAKropf1982dipDor24M5.5"clear peach, double10
ZENALennington1985dipDor36M5.75"pink self, a nice later-blooming addition to the garden10