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Angus Bulls available from Longlesson Farm for 2022
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LLF Thunder 6015 (Ear tag #26)
Registration: 18528198
Birthdate: 3/31/16
Sire: Deer Valley All In
Dam: LLF Ariel 3815
MGS: GAR New Design 5050
MGGS: S S Objective T510 0T26

All In has excellent calving ease PLUS superb yearling weight making him a good choice for a mixed herd. His sire is the famous AAR Ten X 7008 that was shipped to South American and performed so well his semen came into high demand in the US as well. Ariel comes from our Princess line, tracing back to Forever Lady 181C.

LLF Merlin 60P2 (Ear tag #27)
Registration: 18528199
Birthdate: 4/1/16
Sire: Connealy In Sure 8524
Dam: LLF Bramble 30P2
MGS: LLF Applejack 148A (from TC Aberdeen 759)
MGGS: RAB-EGL Blue Moon 4407M

Bramble descends from one of our “sacred” cows, Patch, who year after year gets A.I. bred and always produces extremely nice calves. Several of the Patch kids and grandkids have been retained in the herd and are continuing their grandmother’s fine line. On the sire’s side, In Sure is a Mytty in Focus son going back to Connealy Onward. Top of the breed calving ease, high docility, and excellent marbling numbers would make him a good choice for those selling freezer beef.

LLF Luke 6844 (Ear tag #33)
Registration: 18528202
Birthdate: 4/8/16
Sire: GAR Prophet
Dam: LLF Black Eyed Susan 2833
MGS: SAV Bismarck 5682
MGGS S S Objective T510 0T26

Prophet comes from CRA Bextor and has great calving ease as well as high weaning and yearling weights… good for a production calf herd. His mom is a sweet thing, small as a calf, but really grew into herself as a yearling and looks to be a great production mom.